Cryoboxes (Cardboard)

These cryoboxes are made of waterproof and low-temperature-resistant cardboard.

Alternatively these boxes can be ordered laminated with a water-repellent coating.

The Bestseller-boxes have the following outer dimensions (lid):

  • Type A boxes = 136 x 136 mm
  • Type B boxes = 133 x 133 mm

Both types are available in different heights.
Together with the grid dividers made of cardboard you get the perfect box to store a big variety of cryo-tubes.

Cardboard boxes type C are made for storage of 15ml and 50ml tubes and come together with a grid divider as standard.

All cryoboxes made of cardboard can be ordered in five colors:
white, blue, green, red and yellow.

For storage of these cryoboxes we suggest to use our racks made of stainless steel.
Vertical racks for storage in chest freezers, horizontal racks or horizontal racks with drawers for storage in upright freezers.

Special sizes are not a problem!
We even can supply you with customized boxes and grid dividers made of cardboard!
Please contact us for your special offer!

A Variety of cardboard boxes and dividers can be seen in our catalogue.

You can find a big variety of storage racks for all kinds of cryoboxes in our catalogue.