Customized racks for upright and chest freezers

Frequently our customers ask for racks with special dimensions because they use some kind of special boxes or the customers need a cardboard box with non standard dimensions or dividers.
That is no problem for us!
Because we manufacture every rack or cardboard box ourself we are able to change dimensions and to build racks according to customer´s requests very fast and for a reasonable price.

On this page we would like to show you some examples of custom racks. Of course there are hundreds of possibilities but we only can show a small variety.

Lagerboxen und Rastereinsätze aus Edelstahl


      Numbering for vertical racks, upright side access racks or drawer racks

      Dividers for drawers or bins

      Racks for chest freezers for vertical storage of bloodbags

      Side access racks with adjustable shelves

      Customized boxes made of cardboard or stainless steel

      Security possibilities to prevent a fall out of boxes or unauthorized access

      Racks for storage of boxes with different heights

      Drawer racks with trays with holes to store tubes directly without boxes

      Vertical racks with duoble or triple width

      Wide racks for upright freezers

      Schrankeinschübe zur Lagerung von Objektträgerkästen

      Sollten Sie also ein „besonderes Gestell“

      oder eine Kartonbox mit außergewöhnlichen Maßen benötigen,

      so nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt zu uns auf. „Geht nicht, gibt’s nicht“