Horizontal racks with drawers for upright freezers

Our high quality racks and drawers simplify your work. The samples are clearly arranged in the refrigerator or freezer and are always easily reachable because all drawers can be individually opened.

In contrast to horizontal racks, which are loaded from the side and thus have to be completely removed, the drawers can be opened separately to access a specific box. The drawers have a gripping edge on the front, which can be used even wearing special gloves. The bottoms of the drawers are closed to store small boxes or sample containers too.
We can also provide you with drawers with a folding handle or an opening in the bottom.Closed side walls are possible as well. Please contact us to receive a particular quotation.

To help you finding the perfect drawerracks for your upright freezer or fridge you can use our equipment-finder.
All horizontal drawer racks can also be ordered with a pull-out stop at no extra cost. The pull-out-stop prevents the drawers from being unintentionally pulled all the way out of the horizontal rack.
But please note that because of this pull-out stop the drawerracks will be a little bit higher than the racks without this stop. Therefore you have to check if the drawerracks will fit in your upright freezer. If you need help for this, please contact us.

You can find more drawer racks in our catalogue.