Horizontal racks

Withour light but stable stainless steel horizontal racks you can equip every freezer -no matter what brand or model- perfectly and easily store a large number of samples.

Our horizontal racks load from the side and have a horizontal folding handle at the front for easy removal from the freezer.

    To help you find the racks that you need for your freezer you can use our equipment finder.
    We also offer racks without shelves to store boxes of different heights. As an alternative, we recommend our upright stainless steel bins for storing a large variety of samples.
    To simplify finding a rack inside your upright freezer, we offer low-cost numeric rack labelling.  The numbering is laser cut into a small stainless steel plate (50x40mm). The lasered numbering is still easily visible, in contrast to an engraved or a sticker number, when the racks are old and well-used.

    Also there is the possibility to use a rack with different heights between the inner shelvesto store different kind of boxes in one rack.

    A variety of our horizontal racks for storage of different cryoboxes , microtiter-plates, DeepWellPlates, boxes for speciemen holders or other samples can be found in our catalogue.